The breakout board was created to simplify the internal connections of a laser projector. Instead of having to solder wires to a DB-25 connector, just attach the wires to the screw terminals.
The Z-5 Analog Console was created as the next generation in the P-x Series of analog consoles created by Laser Systems Development Corp. The Z-5 was built on the solid foundation of the P-4 console, utilizing the same core circuit designs. 
This section explores various modifications and improvements to the Z-5 console.
The Z-5c Color Modulator allows the Z-5 Analog Console to be a completely stand alone device and gives the user complete live control over color modulation.
The USBStreamer is a very handy tool for playback and recording of laser shows. Click this link for very important information on using the USBStreamer.
The ILDA to ADAT Converter was created to ease the recording of an ILDA signal to an ADAT, PC or MAC.
Learn how to use the ILDA to ADAT Converter to record your laser shows to a PC.
The ADAT to ILDA Converter allows for easy playback of show material from ADAT, PC or MAC.
Learn how to playback a recorded laser show using a PC or Mac computer.
Want to replace 2 ADATs?! This is how you can playback 16 channels of audio to control a pair (or more) of laser projectors.
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The Voltage Controlled Quadrature Oscillator is at the very heart of the Z-5 Analog Console. This single channel VCQO features dual input for setting a base frequency and FM. Outputs a simultaneous sine and square quadrature signal.
The GM-20 Driver was created to allow a very simple addition of a shutter to your projector. (Discontinued)
The DZ ILDA Splitter is a 5 channel, fully buffered signal splitter. This allows for connecting 5 separate laser projectors to a single signal source with minimal signal loss.
The DZ Color Correction circuit helps to correct for timing differences between solid state lasers.
Information on how to playback multichannel wave files with the Wave-USB device.
Information on how to record a laser show with N-Track.
Information on how to playback pre-recorded wave file format laser shows with a MiniDSP USBStreamer.
Information on how to use an iPhone or iPad to recording, offload and render a laser show.