DZ Color Correction
The DZ Color Correction board is a modified version of the "Ready for Anything" Color Smoothing and Delay Filter, originally designed by William Benner of Pangolin. As solid state lasers replaced ION lasers in laser projector, a problem was discovered with modulation characteristics between the RGB lasers. Even with two identical solid state lasers from the same manufacturer, the rise and fall times may be different. This resulted in 'color tail' and other flaws in laser images. The fix was to inject a small delay in the rise and/or fall time of each laser in a projector. This gives the ability to match the modulation characteristics of each laser.

The DZ Color Correction board has adjustments for rise time, fall time, offset and gain. The input of the board is fully differential while it's output is single ended. The circuit has protection in place to ensure the output stays as close as possible to a window of 0V to 5V. Power can be anything from +/-12VDC to +/-24VDC.

Around 2010, the rights to produce the DZ Color Correction board was sold to Stanwax Laser.

Click here to download the color board test frames to assist with tuning. Currently, these test frames will only work with a QM2K.
The image below shows a side by side compairison of a projector with and without the color correction board.