I've always been facinated by lasers and laser projectors. The hardware, engineering and electronics used to create amazing art in such a unique way is very inspiring. Over the past several years I've heard stories of old systems and equipment being discarded. This includes lasers, projectors, consoles and all sorts of supporting equipment. While it's true, most of this equipment has been replaced by much more efficient solid state projectors, they still have a certain historical value.

A few years ago, I started to reach out to various planetariums to prevent some of this equipment from being thrown out. I made a few posts to several online resources and wrote letters to a few planetariums that I knew were in the process of renovation. I've been very fortunate in this endevour, successfully recovering several projectors, lasers and various gear that may have otherwise ended up in a land fill. The pics on this page are of some of  the various projectors and parts I've been able to rescue. Some have been restored to working order, others are being saved for future renovation projects.

If you have any old laser related equipment that you no longer need and is just taking up space please let me know! I may be able to help! My primary interest is in older gas ion laser projectors, analog consoles and show media.
The pic above was provided courtesy of Brett Jacobs. This was the original Bishop Planetarium right after an unfortunate fire destroyed the theater. In this pic, the lower left hand corner shows an original P-4 Analog Console. This console was thrown away with the rest of the contents of the theater.
The pics below feature equipment recovered from Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida and Georgia.