DZ ILDA Splitter
The DZ ILDA Splitter was a limited run of 5 channel, fully buffered splitters. The first 4 channels include manual control over image size and postion from the front of the enclosure. The 5th channel was designed to either be the final projector or a passthru to additional splitters. All output channels included image invert switches on the rear of the enclosure. There are 2 inset switches for controlling shutter and interlock loop. With the inset shutter switch turned on all output shutter lines would have +5V regardless of the state of the controlling DAC. When turned off the DAC maintains control over the shutter line.

All 5 output connectors have completely isolated interlock loops. If the inset interlock switch is turned on, pin 4 and 17 on each output is shorted. When the inset interlock switch is turned off, pin 4 and 17 are only shorted if a DAC is connected to the input of the splitter.

All outputs are clamped.