The Wave-USB was designed to compliment the ILDA to ADAT and ADAT to ILDA Converter product line. Instead of utilizing the ADAT data format and optical cables, the Wave-USB simply plugs into a USB port on a PC, laptop or MAC for both show playback and recording.

Playback and recording settings are nearly identical to the ADAT to ILDA and ILDA to ADAT Converters. The Wave-USB integrates a MiniDSP USBStreamer to interface with a host computer and is supported by a number of applications for both playback and recording.
The Wave-USB is currently available in the following configurations:

The Wave-USB has been discontinued.

  • Unpopulated circuit board: $
  • Populated circuit board (USBStreamer NOT included): $
  • Populated circuit board plus USBStreamer: $
  • Fully enclosed: $
Fully enclosed includes external 9VDC 2A power supply and USB cable. Prices exclude shipping. If you do not need the ability to record, a portion of the circuit board may be left unpopulated. For a unit that is only capable of playback, $40 can be removed from the prices shown above.

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For detailed information on playback and recording with the Wave-USB, please visit the support page.
Below are the MiniDSP USBStreamer Drivers and a series of test frames that you may find useful when configuring gain/offset of the Wave-USB.