Unpopulated WaveUSB
This page is meant to assist with populating a Wave-USB circuit board. The Wave-USB is built around the MiniDSP USBStreamer and utilizes the PCM1803 for recording and AK4440 for playback of multi-channel wave files. This configuration supports up to 24-bit resolution and either 48KHz or 96KHz sample rate.
There are 10 multi-turn trim potentiometers for adjusting gain and offset for XY and RGB. 
1 - I2S CH 1/2 to AK4440        X/Y Playback
2 - I2S CH 1/2 to PCM1803     X/Y Record
3 - I2S CH 3/4 to AK4440        Red/Green Playback
4 - I2S CH 3/4 to PCM1803     Red/Green Record
5 - I2S CH 5/6 to AK4440        Blue/Aux Playback
6 - I2S CH 5/6 to PCM1803     Blue/Aux Record
7 - I2S CH 7/8 to AK4440        L/R Audio Playback
8 - I2S CH 7/8 to PCM1803     L/R Audio Record
9 - Master Clock
10 - Bit Clock
11 - Grount
12 - LR Clock
Most surface mount (1206) capacitors are 0.1uF. These two are an exception to this and are 1uF.
This is a single surface mount (1206) Ferrite Bead. If none are available it can be replaced with a 0 ohm resistor.
0.1uF caps under the trim potentiometers
It is very important that the diodes (1N914 or 1N4148) and zener diodes (5.6V) are populated in the correct orientation.