The AudioLaZe is similar to a Color Organ, except that it is specifically designed for lasers! Simply connect your line level audio to the stereo RCA input and let the AudioLaZe take control of the RGB lasers in your projector. This product was deisnged specifically to work with the Z-5 Analog Console however, with standard ILDA IN and OUT, the AudioLaze will work with any ILDA compatible DAC and projector on the market.
An audio signal sent to the AudioLaZe gets split up and sent to 8 separate channels based on frequency range. Each of the 8 fixed channel ranges include sensitivity adjustment as well as the ability to route it's processed output to any or all of the output color channels (RGB). Attack/Decay adjustments affect how quickly the RGB output responds to the audio input. The Chopping circuit allows adding a unique affect to the final output of the AudioLaZe!
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