Echo Layla Modification
The Echo Layla 24/96 is a very nice solution for the playback of wave format laser shows. The Layla is rack mountable and requires a PCI card to interface with you PC. An unmodified Layla will not work for laser show playback, at a minimum there are a number of capacitor that need to be bypassed. Once bypassed, the Layla is ready to playback wave format shows.
The modification that I perform to a Layla takes it a step further. Along with bypassing the capacitors I add additional internal circuitry to buffer and clamp the signals. My modification also offers easy to adjust X/Y gain, RGB gain, X/Y invert and manual shutter control.
Please understand that an Echo Layla is incapable of recording laser shows even with the modifications I perform. This is a playback device only. The Layla does include ADAT optical in and out. If you'd like to have an Echo Layla 24/96 modified, I will need to have the fully functional rack mount unit, PCI card and cable shipped to me.
Price: $100 +Shipping