Laser Show Conversion
For many years recording laser show material to ADAT was an ideal solution for pre-programmed material. Today, this method of storing show data still remains a viable solution however, the media has changed. Instead of storing to tape, many new ADAT's now store to internal hard drives. While this method works well, I believe I have found a better way.
The Wave file format has been around for a very long time. By converting old ADAT show tapes to a single 8-channel wave, the file can be moved, copied and backed up much easier than if left on an ADAT tape. This also allows for easy modification of the wave data via a number of inexpensive and free software utilities.
Playback of the wave file can be occomplished in a number of ways. The least expensive method is the Modified Sound Card DAC. A modified Echo Layla 24/96, the EK-DZ ADAT to ILDA Converter and the Raven Systems Transcoder are additional methods of utilizing the wave file format.
Another benefit to this alternative show playback method is the "Playlist". The shows can be replayed via several programs such as Winamp and Foobar2000. These applications make it easy to perform "on-the-fly" changes to a shows playlist by way of adding, removing or rearranging the songs in the playlist.
Pricing depends on a number of factors. Contact us for a detailed quote for this service.