ILDA to ADAT Converter
The ILDA to ADAT Converter provides a simple solution for recording laser images to ADAT or as a "wave" file on your PC. For many years recording to ADAT has been a stadard in the laser show industry however, as the ADAT evolved the ability to modify them changed. The original Alesis "Blackface" ADAT was as simple as shorting out a few capacitors on the input and output stage to allow DC recording. DC recording is a requirement for laser show content. Today, the Alesis HD24 doesn't allow any easy method to modify either the input or output stage to allow DC. Making it very difficult to record laser shows. This became a bit of a problem with the introduction of the Z-5 Analog Console. In a collaborative project with Ed Keefe, we were able to come up with this solution to greatly ease the process of recording laser shows.
The ILDA to ADAT Converter includes a power supply and optical cable. You will need a device that has an ADAT optical connection. This can be an ADAT, PCI card such as an E-MU, Echo Layla 24/96 and the MiniDSP USB Streamer.
Price: Discontinued
The ILDA to ADAT Converter is also available in OEM form. This includes a pre-assembled, fully tested circuit board. Power supply and optical cable not included.
Price: $200 +Shipping