Z-5 Analog Abstract Generator
Take a step back in time with the Z-5 Analog Console! With permission of the original designer, the Z-5 was created based on the design of the P-4. The P-4 was created in the early 1980's by Laser Systems Development Corporation. 
The Z-5 features several modernized and standardized improvements over the P-4 and includes an additional quadrature oscillator. The circuits within the Z-5 are 100% analog, no digital circuits used. Be sure to visit the Gallery link above to see some of the amazing abstracts created with this unique piece of laser show history!
If you are interested in owning a Z-5 Console, please note that they are built upon ordering. Typical build time could exceed 60 days. Payment is required in full prior to the build.
For more detailed information please visit the Z-5 support page.
Click here for the history of the P-4
The original Z-5 has been discontinued and replaced by the Z-5+. Over the years, numerous modifications and upgrades were made to the Z-5, which have all been incorporated in the Z-5+
Time Lapse, wiring the Z-5 panel