Z-5c Color Modulator
The Z-5c Color Modulator was designed to augment the functions of the Z-5 Analog Console. When coupled with the Z-5c, the Z-5 becomes a completely stand alone signal generator for a laser projector. The Z-5c is available in a 2U or 3U rack mount panel. It is designed specifically for use with the Z-5 however, it may be possible to adapt it to a console of your choice.
Integration into an existing Z-5 will require a new enclosure to support either the 2U or 3U panel. Contact us for further details. For detailed information on the features of the Z-5c, please visit the Support Page. Below is a gallery of images created with the Z-5 and Z-5c, no external DACs were used to create the images below.
Unpopulated Z-5c circuit board $150
Populated/Tuned Z-5c circuit board $1195
Complete Z-5c (2U or 3U) $2495

All prices exclude shipping.