There are a number of cables that need to be connected to make the Z-5c work properly. Here are the necessary connections:
The pic to the right shows two of the three main connections to the Z-5c circuit board. One for the ribbon cable, which carries the RGB color signals. The 2nd is a cable that has a plastic molex connector that attaches to the 'Sync In' port.
The next connection is power. The power cable is already attached to the power supply and will need to be connected to the Z-5c circuit board. In the pic to the right, you will see +12V on the left and -12V on the right, ground is in the center. The three wires are color coded.
The color ribbon cable needs to be attached to the Z-5 circuit board. There are two versions of the cable. You console *should* work is the V1 cable. I've included both cables, just in case. Before connecting a DAC, make sure the proper cable is attach. If you look at the ribbon cable you will notice one wire has a red color. This red color should line up with the 'CY' on both circuit boards.
Next, are the connections for SYNC. The SYNC signal is pulled from the the first three quadrature oscillators on the Z-5. These three oscillators are found closest to the Date/Version code on the circuit board.
Remove the first three cables and be sure to remember which cable was removed from which connector.
Next, install the three new jumper blocks. These are color coded and should be installed in the order shown in the pic.
The last, but more important connection that needs to be made is the ground connection between the Z-5 and Z-5c. You will find an additional cable attached to the 'COM' connector on the switching power supply included with the Z-5c. This long wire is terminated with a spade terminal lug. This should be connected on the Z-5 linear power supply board. You Z-5 linear power supply should appear identical to the pic and have a spade terminal lug attached to one of the stand-offs as shown.The spade terminal lug from the Z-5c switching power supply may be attached here.
And that's it! If you have any issues, please let me know!