3-Way ILDA Switch
With a dual scan head laser projector, a Z-5 and several other signal sources, I wanted to develop an easy, and quick, way to switch between sources that didn't involve plugging and unplugging cables. So I developed the 3-Way ILDA Switch. With one scan head dedicated to the Z-5, I can now move the second scan head to any of the 3 inputs with a simple flip of a single 3-way switch. To make this device unique, I've also added a couple features to one of the signal paths, when selecting the middle input, a user can also invert the X or Y image, adjust image size and change RGB routing.
The RGB Routing feature allows the output colors to be reassigned. For example, if you are diplaying a single color, red abstract, by turning the 6 position rotary switch, the abstract can be cycled thru green and blue. Below is an example of each of the switch positions and how it affects color routing with the first switch position being normal RGB.
The 3-Way Switch can be customized when ordered, If you do not use the 3 types of signal sources currently displayed on the box, these can be change to suite your setup or simply engraved as input 1, 2 and 3.

This device is available, fully enclosed, assembled and tested for  $525, plus shipping.

If you have a different enclosure you'd like to use, this device is also available in OEM form as a completed and tested circuit board. The 6 position switch, 3 position switch, invert switches and gain potentiometers are included. The OEM price is $415, plus shipping.
Demo Video Link: https://youtu.be/wwiVtU2kvUk